BCCA Membership… Not Just for Parents!!

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Membership is open to all persons according to the following criteria:

  1. Persons eighteen years of age or older, who are in agreement with the foundational principles set forth in Article III and with BCCA being operated in accordance with the same, and who contribute the current annual membership fee are eligible for membership in BCCA.
  2. All persons who are eligible for membership and who desire to be members of BCCA must make a written application for membership.  The Board or its designee shall review all applications and accept or reject the application according to the principles set forth in this article.  The annual membership fee of $100 shall be included with the application.  If the application is rejected, the membership fee will be returned.
  3. The membership fee shall be due at the beginning of each school year and will cover only the school year in which it is paid.  Membership fees shall be used for administration and promotion of BCCA and not for curriculum or other school related expenses.  Failure to pay the annual fee will result in loss of membership.  The annual fee will be set by the Board.
  4. At least one parent or guardian of each child attending BCCA must be a member.
  5. Members of BCCA have the privilege of nominating and voting on the election of the Board members.  Each member will receive one vote.  Only members may be nominated for election to the Board and appointed by the Board to serve on its committees.
  6. Revocation of membership shall occur when an individual fails to meet, or is found by the board to no longer meet the criteria for membership specified in this Article.

Membership Application  Article III


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