Canon of Bezalel Award

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Brown County Christian Academy is pleased to announce the implementation of the Canon of Bezalel Award. In Exodus 35: 30, Bezalel is given the gift of craftsmanship from God and we have inherited that ability. Artwork is due no later than January 5, and winners will be awarded at The Koinonia on February 24, 2018. Students may submit artwork any time after December 8. First place overall will receive $100, a framed individual photograph in the school alongside their artwork, and a trophy. 1st & 2nd place in each category will receive a ribbon and be in a group picture framed and placed in the school. 1st and 2nd place artwork will also be auctioned off at The Koinonia. This will be open to all enrolled BCCA students.  

Our goal is to prepare students to submit artwork to the Blakey Prize in Fine Arts presented by the Association of Classical Christian Schools in 9-12 grades.  For more information about this prestigious art award, please visit Schools are allowed to submit two pieces total for this award and we will use the Canon of Bezalel Award to determine which pieces to submit to the Blakey Prize each year.


  1. Students may submit one (1) piece of art in two categories for a total submission of 2 pieces. You may not submit more than one piece in a single category.
  2. Artwork must be school appropriate. There may be no nudity, crude language, or themes that are antithesis to our vision and/or mission at BCCA.
  3. Pieces must be original work of the student. It must also be 8” by 10” or larger.
  4. The overall winner’s piece will be displayed at the school during the 2018-2019 school year. The first and second place winners in each category will be auctioned off with proceeds going to BCCA’s Playground Fund.
  5. Pieces will be judged by a panel of artists, teachers, and community members who do not have any family members in attendance in order to be as fair as possible.
  6. Families will be notified one month prior to The Koinonia about the results of the awards, the winning children will be recognized at this event and will receive a free ticket for their meal as part of the award package. Minor children must be accompanied by a ticket bearing adult in order to receive their award. Any child who does not attend will be able to pick their prize up in the office on the next school day after The Koinonia.
  7. Categories:
      1. Drawing: includes colored pencils, pastels, chalk, etc.
      2. Painting: Oil, acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media that is majority painting
      3. Sculpture: includes mixed media art that stands more than 3” off the canvas; must be able to be transported safely
      4. Digital Art: creating an art piece using drawing applications like publisher, this may NOT make use of any images belonging to a different artist or sourced from the internet, pieces will be screened online by Mrs. Emerson before they go before the judges panel.

8. Art work in categories 1, 2, & 4 should be 8×10” or larger. Pieces may not be larger than 24” x 36” in size.

Any questions should be directed to Mrs. Emerson via email or phone/text at (937) 466-1640.

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