Financial Aid

Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST)

In order for BCCA to use and allocate our resources wisely and fairly when additional funds are available, we have enlisted the help of Independent School Managements’ FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition) program. FAST does not determine whether financial assistance will be given or how the amount awarded; FAST simply provides a need-based financial aid analysis which includes their recommendation for a family’s annual tuition contribution. Applications are submitted directly to this third-party company online by accessing the BCCA website, and all information received from FAST is confidential. Results are reviewed by BCCA’s Finance Department who will make a recommendation to the Administrator based on next year’s budget. Upon approval by the Administrator, financial aid offers are sent to families.

BCCA seeks to assist families in affording a quality Christian education to the greatest extent possible. In seeking financial assistance, families should follow the following steps:

  • Complete full application for admission to BCCA and be formally accepted.
  • Complete the application for Financial Assistance Online.

Important financial assistance application information and deadlines:

  • Applications received prior to February 1 cannot be considered for the upcoming school year.

The processing fee must be paid by credit card and you will be given instructions where to send your tax forms. Should you have any questions, FAST’s phone number is: 1-877-326-3278 and their email address is

FAST has a $41.00 processing fee. Your information will be processed, and the recommended award will be made available to the school. Your award date will be based on the date BCCA receives your assessment report back from FAST.

Despite a strong commitment to our financial assistance program, each year the number of students who qualify for financial assistance is more than we can fully support. BCCA seeks to evenly distribute financial assistance to all those who show a need.