Exploring the Trivium

TrinityThe Trivium is the basic building block for classical education. It consists of three subjects; Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric, and in order to implement this classical structure BCCA teachers understand that students are being prepared for their future educational pursuits.



Pre-GrammarGrades K-2

  • Obviously excited about learning.
  • Enjoys songs, games, stories, projects.
  • Short attention span.
  • Wants to touch, feel, taste, smell, and see.
  • Imaginative and creative

GrammarGrades 3-6

  • Excited about new, interesting facts.
  • Likes to explain, figure out, talk.
  • Likes collections and organizing items.
  • Easily memorizes.
  • Can assimilate another language well.

LogicGrades 7-8

  • Still excitable but needs challenges.
  • Critical, enjoys debate.
  • Likes to organize items.
  • Shows off knowledge.
  • Want to know “behind the scene” facts.
  • Curious about why for most things.
  • Acts as though they are more knowledgeable that adults.

RhetoricGrades 9-12

  • Concerned with present events, especially related to their own lives.
  • idealistic, interested in justice and fairness.
  • Moving toward special interest or topics.
  • Can synthesize and do more independent work.
  • Desires to express feelings, own ideas.
  • Concerned with how other view them.